Monday, January 25, 2010

dedicated for my baby

my b will be having exam soon. after the exam, we will going to genting together again !
kinda happy for it but again it's genting ! i want go others places with him. too bad we dont have budget to do so. right now, he must be study very hard for it. do the best and reach the best k baby? ily freaking much. haha
i felt ur heartbeat in my deep heart.
MisU MisU xD


thinking of make my blog public again, but at last i dint do so.
the main reason is i dont like showing my things out and letting others to comment.
and i do like writing out my very own though without thinking of others feelings.
this blog will only available for those who really close with me. (:

this is the moments of her life.
During this period of time, i passed my days peacefully. i do cherish what i'm having now. i'm really happy for it. things come and go easily, but it will stay when it really meant for it!