Monday, June 29, 2009

some people asked what happened?
some people wonders what will happen?
but i hopet i can be someone who make it happen ! =D


Recently,i feels so proud to be a SEGian !
baketball and badminton competitions are so amazing !!
Do support them please.
Tomorrow will be the final.
Date : 30/06/2009
Venue : Han Chiang Penang Inter-College Game
Badminton final : SEGi College VS Han Chiang/KDU (7.30pm)
Basketball final : SEGi College VS K TAR (8.45pm)
No doubt,You guys rock !

Saturday, June 27, 2009

i'm here.

busy mode : ON


Friday, June 26, 2009

i think...

wont be smiling anymore.

Don't make promise when you are in joy.
Don't reply when you are sad.
Don't take decision when you are angry.

Think twice, Act wise.

But what i think is i just cant make it.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Warning !!
Do you know what is Tarantulas?
Do you know it is a hobby?
Come and know more about it!
24th of June (wednesday)
in SEGi College's Lobby!

Oh well, today college held a very interesting event.
Once i reached college's lobby, there is something which attracted my eyes.
Guess what?! there is so many so called "spiders"which actually named as tarantulas, lizard,scorpion, snake and so on.(i had forgotten their names)
There are all the very rare and special pets that people adopt.precious one* Some even have poison to protect themself and digest their foods.
The nice part is we can so close with them,see them or even hold them !
As a penakut, i dare not to near them, but still i told myself this is a very good chance for me to feel them in real. Thus, i make it atlast...except...the disgusting one which i scare of the most!

i would just stop my crap. scroll down for the photos. Enjoy!

tarantulas- the very 1st i tried.
ignore my pale face. spot the pet!!
close up.

i'm hell brave. haha
big polka lizard

this is the cute one. a mouse which has the long tail.

and also this
the one with hard shell

and this katak

Here comes the disgusting one.
it shamed me infront the crowd.
Many ppl actually holding it and walked around but i did looked around as long as it dint near me.
But the terrible one is when i'm sitting down and talking with friends, Mr Goh came to say Hi to us. Perhaps,u guys might wonder why i said it as terrible even just a normal greet.Because the problem here is he is holding the snake with him. I dint even notice it and he just stand next to me. SO, i screamed very loud and ran away as fast as possible. Everyone stunned with my reaction and stared on me with all the weird eyes. ;(

It actually just a small snake as shown above.
BUT, I HATES SNAKE !!!Yeah, i means hate !! so cant blame me rite?

So people, if u have a chance why dont just have a try. Especially girls out there!~ Till then, with loves, bye !


Currently using his laptop. Thanks for lending know i cant live without internet orelse i got nothing to kill my time.:-P
Result release today,and lucky me got 2HD +1B.It's enough for me but still can score better if i work harder.Meanwhile, i'm taking a part time beauty course. Till then, bye !

" i'm updating this blog using my handphone ! "

p/s: he keep warn me to take good care of his so called "baobei" lappy. :(

Monday, June 22, 2009

careless me

As shown i've so many to update, yet i have so little of time i'm so lazy. Thus, i will just make it into point form. :D i used to delay my post till... i dint update it atlast !

Last week,
  • had a very simple celebration for sarah babe.
  • gather with all the besties at tpg. having fun again !
  • attend to the undang course together with the bro. yep! laugh me loud! now only i want to take car test. But still, i'm a bit regret when i attending the boring tutorial. 8am -3pm. The worst one is the foods at canteen actually make me stomach ache for whole day.Allergic to malay's food !!! say noo..
  • sunday morning had dim sum with family. The very first time i woke up that early. After that bought some cakes for dad. Lastly, happy papa's day ! <3

"she is gonna take undang test this coming sat. Studying the 500questions nowwww.. :)"

More pictures coming soon, due to the careless girl left her lappy at sarah's house.So yea, just stay tune.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ouch. pain one

Few days ago, i did something which really stupid. while i closing the car door, i bang the car door towards my thumb. right now, my thumb is injured. out of ur imagination, there is pain x10000 times. It is sooooo sooo pain.The most amazing part is once i feels something wrong bout my hand,i straight away open the car door again and get my thumb out. Brave rite? =D After that, i sit on floor without yelling and crying, cause the pain is so incredible till i cant voice anymore. i just feels like fainting......thanks him for comfort me till i fall asleep. Guess i'm having bad luck that night.. *big sigh*

i dare not go for doctor cause i dwn my nail kena cabut! helpss.. any way out there? Now i realise it is so inconvenient without a thumb. oh well, i will just takes it as another unfortunate incident happened on me. Life never been perfect! *console-ing myself*

going out for movie :Drag me to hell :)

p/s: after so long never blog, it takes me so long to upload a single photo.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


yes yes, i am lazy to update.

shout out loud: short sem isnt fun at all.

i feels so empty now...