Tuesday, May 19, 2009

i thought

i thought i'm the lucky one,
But it was just what i thought.

a very big sigh

yeah, i actually did rebonding few days ago but the result seems lk make not much different with the previous one.this means bad or good one? no idea. =)Today, i actually gain 2 things, one is good one but another one is bad one. start with the good one 1st, the good news is i already get my new phone. w595 with the colour i want. thanks god, i actually waited for very very long to get this colour. so its like finally...and now i can get it! hopefully it wont spoil easily. this will be the 1st sony ericsson phone for me. The evil peinee is betting my phone lasting duration.. so please prove it to her i can!
When there's a good , the bad one usually tagged along ! This really makes me down.. i am so damn sad for it. Alright, i actually lost my necklace's pendent just now. when i actually still screaming for my happiness when my brother send me a mms with my new phone, few minutes later,when i'm preparing for a bath, i noticed that my necklace is right on the toilet floor and the pendent is gone! Even though i searched for everywhere, but at last i still cant found it anymore. The mood is so down.It was the present baby gift me during my birthday. after that, i never take it off anymore, but now it disappear. SO BAD !Although this might not a very luxury present but it did brings a very big meaning for me.i don't want a new one, as the meaning is not there anymore.So, words cant explain my feelings.This is the 1st time i feel so hard for losing a jewelery, i just wish that i could found it out...

Sunday, May 17, 2009

of my boredom

my blog is dead. 
But of my boredom,loneliness, i think of blogging again.
Late in night, with nobody around, with the dim light from the table lamp, that's really a very right time for blogging. i guess. dont you think so? i remember i used to update my blog so often last time but right now.. it seems lk a hard task for me. i dont have the motivation and the inspiration for blogging anymore. so, friends, u cant blame me for leaving it so long.
after finished the exam, suddenly my life turn to so-so- free.. till i dont know what to do anymore. I faced my laptop for the whole day. still remember during exam period, i miss my laptop and bed, but now when i got the chance to play my laptop non stop and sleep for the whole day, i feel bored of it pulak. That's what human being right? 
sleep! is a very terrible problem for me during the exam period, but now... i'm still facing this problem cause i wont sleep without the clock shown 5am.

Alright, tomorrow i am going to rebond my hair again. yeah.. again ! To be honest, i really feel tired of it. but no choice, i got nothing better to do with it! my natural hair isn't straight, and yes.. i hate it! wish me luck for the result, as this is my first time to rebond in another saloon. i dont want to cut short my hair again, i want the long long hair. *grin*

Recently addict to restaurant city on facebook. When i started to play this game, that's just 6 ppl. but guess what, now my friend list got 110 ppl already. =D you can actually see this on ppl's blog. Many blog bout it. same to me ! 

Oh well , I must re-adjust my sleeping time again! i need to wake up at 9 tomorrow. should be later...
So, i better go now. 

good night !

Friday, May 15, 2009

bye bye exam

hooorraY~ tough time doesnt not remain, but tough people do.

Finally say bye to exam. =D
and good luck for those who having exam.
specially dedicate for housemates, friends and YJ.
all the best !
you know i love you... bla

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

youuu you yoooou !xD

Happy 6th months anniversary, b.