Wednesday, August 20, 2008


so back luck recently..
my laptop spoil !
screen of my phone scratch!
and now my sim card of my handphone spoil again!!!
how could this happened to me???!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

is 3.10pm now.
but i m still sitting infront of lappy.
doin nothing.
i'm tired la. seriously.
having too many sleepless night.
yesterday hanging out with them again.
days hanging with them sure no need sleep one.
as what i expected.. i sleep at 7something in the morning.
but on the way i sleeping.. there's still many interrupting.
now.. my stomach is hungry! =(
okay. skip this.
finally my exam gonna over d.
tomorrow will be my last sub - microeconomics.
however, now i still not yet covered it.
someone is nagging me to study.. but i m too lazy to do so.
i might back to taiping at wed night.
yea. i really hope to go KL with sarah, yun and her parent.
but due to lack of $.. have to discuss with mum.
HOPEFULLY she will allow.
can someone spare me some money.
i'm totally broke!
too bad, after exam i wont having any holidays.
semester 2 is start on monday. WTH!
goin to having a short sem.
i have to pay more attention on my study!!

-end of crapping-
loveshugkisses from me to you


Finally i have nobody..
i'm nobody...

Letting go...<3

Sunday, August 17, 2008


yesterday is just like a dream.
a dream that i wish to stay.
yea. i admit that i enjoy it.
couldnt believe that i did the same mistakes again.
could someone explain to me why?
Atlast,i realise that.
you wasnt what i wanted.
you isnt what i looking for.
you never make me like i am the one.
get out right now.
is end of you and me.
is too late for everything.
i used to life without you.
i cant forget the wound gave by you.
my body is full of scar.
i am tired of worry about you.
is time to let go.even thought i tried many times.
i dwn miss the chance.
i dwn let someone to slip away from me.
i have feeling towards him just not that strong compare to you.
i dwn trapped inside the memories.
you are no longer mine.
i am no longer yours.
Finally i make the choice.=)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Study Oh Study!

concentrate! concentrate!

hearts the girl but not the book!

memorise! memorise!

our sick look

i hope to close my eye and rest

spot my eye.

next thursday will be my exam d!

things that done everyday:
1.woke up at 1pm. wow
2.took brunch+bath
3. sit in front of book. zzZ
4.took dinner and bath
5. study again.
6. go to bed on 4am.

seems lk keep study huh? actually i cant stop talking while studying.
at last, i gain nothing. saveee miee.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


i'm still alive. :)

my nerd look. =D

new spec*
currently blog is resting. xD

be right back after exam.

babe + me.

p/s: keep holding on with your love<3