Sunday, June 29, 2008

bout fish spa

with shiying.
the peoples.


Last thursday we went for Fish spa.i hope to post the photos here but currently my phone is repairing.have to wait till monday only can get the time i already at i dunno when only i will get it. sorry guys..
let me briefly describe it. last thursday after class we went for fish spa at new work park.erm..the environment was quite look lk a small park inside.the floor is make of wood and stone.
before step ur leg inside de pond which full of fish,you have to clean ur leg 1st.remove all the lotion if you got apply.
ahah~ that's was fun when you step ur leg inside.the fish will come to bite u?and it will causing an itching sensation. =) you have to stand it.and after a while you will used to it.
sarah and me scream at the begining.we are sensitive k? xD it really very itchy.time flies,half an hour pass very fast.the fish spa is ended. it cost us rm18 cause it is under promotion. but it till end of june only.without promotion it will be rm28.
i think this will be the 1st time for me..and also the last? maybe..cause that's expensive.
i dont think any effect after the fish spa..seems lk totally is for fun. xD
but if you never try it..must get yourself a chance to try on it...cause that's really FUN.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


today i went for rebonding again with mellissa and sarah.between sarah just accom us and she sat there almost whole day. x)) mum always nag on me cause every half year must be once.but i really cant stand my hair half straight half curl lk cacat.kinda bored with this hairstyle..but what to do.i dont dare to try on others.sadly..i hair turn til quite idea why she cut till so short.when only my hair turn long again??sad case!this hairstyle doesn't look nice as what i expect.comment i gain form others also hurted me.hope it wil be better soon.. :(
today mellissa and sarah drive car! fuiyo..damn nervous.
between their speed just 20/km. xD
when sarah driving, i dint bother her at all.. i m so relax..see how was my hair..see the view outside.but she scolded me for no concentrate! well..i concentrate on her driving..then i scream! she scolded me again! i am too pity right? i dunno wat she want.. she always say she very steady but she scare then me! teruk la u..better pratice ur driving skill when we come back taiping got another driver again.

Friday, June 27, 2008


This is just a thank you for you all,
For all the love you all had gave me,
Had done for me,
For all the happiness you all try to bring into my life.
Even though i brought so much pain to you all,
You guys never gave up and still love me more,
You guys never run out of patience when it comes to me.
I've made alot of mistakes,
Some more then once.i know it. x)
but u guys always gave me another chance,
Firends say I'm lucky cause many love me.
They never think of the repay of me.
But still I have so much anger hurt and pain,built up inside of me.
Life is always so unfair..
Thanks for all the love you all gave to me,
with all my heart i will cherish your love,
but i gotta replace it with friendship,
i will treasured it and take care of it.
Forgive me for being selfish..

I think the best thing for me right now is to avoid getting into another relationship until I had a chance to sort my emotions through.I need time to figure out what went wrong, heal from any emotional damage, and find out who I am without a partner.=) say cheers!
p/s: feel that i m quite perasan.but this is my blog.just ignore it la. xD

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today, I have nothing to do. Therefore I decide to cook dinner for us. I prepared to fry wu chan rou which in tin and a soup. =) it will be a simple dinner. Tin of wu chan rou is really troublesome! And unfortunately I cut my fingernail. It’s bleeding but is okay..i don’t feel pain in respect that I m nt da xiao jie xD sarah bring me a plaster when I show her my injured. I continue prepare the ingredient for soup. While I busying.. sarah is taking her nap.see.. she is so hangfuk! I m the one prepare dinner for her. But if she awake, I don’t think she will help anythings. As you guys know..she is a noob in cooking! =P suddenly she woke up..and she asked me:” how did u cook? That’s no oil!” GOSH.. i don’t know oil is finished. No choice.. I have go to 7 eleven to get it! And I went to sam hui to pack rice! Look lk ah sam cause my wearing,my hair is so messy.when I reached home again I’m sweating! Grr.. but I still have to continue.. I fried the meat.. and so on..
Finally the dinner is done! For sure it taste good..=D Both of us enjoy it! Along the dinner..the stupid sarah really make a lot of joke! She took Ribenna as chili sauce..told me egg is salted one! Hey..egg that salty is salty egg la.. she mix ice cube together with chili sauce..but she don’t know tat ice will melt and it will become like…. YUCK.. I really FAINT!
at night i make a complaint to yun. x)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008



NO way! xD

obviously,i dint concentrate during my lecture for today.
i bring laptop to i just

i'm just back from movie.watched MAKE OF HONOR after a big deal with sarah!
i feel tat's quite okay.touching*one part of the movie make my tears drop.
no idea..mayb the feelings just come toward me.
sze told me that my life over here is fun compare to her.maybe, cause i dont think tat i study hard right nw.i'm too lazy!hell..i dont think that that's any medicine for me d.
that's load of coursework waiting for me but i stil ignoring...... stupid phone is manja-ing! it cant open message which ppl sent me!so guys..if u all looking for me just call me. =(

k la,i gonna try grandchase.a game which recommend by ans. CHAOS!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

yummy saturday xD

slept at 6am but woke up at 9something.
i'm stil sleepy but unfortunately i have to move my lazy butt from the bed.
have to sacrifice cause time is precious for us. :)
after dressed up we went to queensbay.
tat's a mini photo session before leaving..

he look lk a gal. xD
my hair make my head bigger.sigh*
at queensbay i just window shopping.cause i m broke.we accompany vivian to buy cosmetic.everyone is on the way to beauty.they leave there about 6pm..back to taiping. :)

me and sarah continue shop with kx them..hangging around..
at night we headed to tambum for our dinner.
that's a great dinner!! i taste many delicous seafood.

saliva is droping when thinking back .....
imagine how nice was the food.

let's the photos do the talking.xD

finished by meee.
that's another day of me...

pictures of the day!

this few days is kinda busy with everythings.friends come from kl or tpg for clelebrate sarah's birthday.although that's nt the greatest party but we all having fun.atlast,there is a gather for us.cherish the time spending with friends.:))

ah yih-ah wei kor kor-wei bin-zhi wei-ah jia-jun wen-kean cheong

celebration of sarah's birthday :))

the girls ;)
wei binn

football kaki.zZZ

after finished our meals..we walk to gurney for movie.but sadly,we're late.that's no more movie seat available for,we went for theme park again..while waiting for the couple kc and melissa finished their movie we played car racing! i get the 1st among 8peoples.even sarah and vivian the two "PRO" lose to me..proud**Unexpected right?i used to be the last.haha..finally..i get the chance to hit all of them! wohoo~ damn high after that.xD

after that we sit beside the pathway of gurney drif.although that's late but there stil got many ppl crap over there.i'm freaking tired!;(but stil have to tahan..lols

ATLAST..we slept at 6 MORNING =Dbreakfast prepared by serene. xD

another morning,yun prepared maggi mee for us as breakfast.

WEE..i'm damn hangfuk recently..

thanks guys for ur lovely treat.. =D

now,everyone is back to their own nest.hope tat's a chance for us to meet up again.

smoochies **


Friday, June 20, 2008

pa po♥

Have the nicest birthday there ever was..... cuz you deserve it if ANYONE does :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

=)) a boring post

monday- went to queensbay with peinee shirlyn and sarah.while shopping someone told me something which really make me mad of.however i m ok.zying wat. x)) continue shopping..i bought nothing but an eye gel from sasa.gonna treat my terrible panda eye.sarah bought the same shirt with me.but different in colour.obviously..we are sister! LOL..after that sarah bro fetch us back.
~tuesday-went to gurney for lunch and movie with sarah kangaroo thr.=) stil that small.hehex.watched incredible hulk.overall the movie was just okay for me..umm..
~today-gosh! i dislike wednesday! cause class ended at 5pm and gonna enter for financial accounting damn tired..and torturing.i really dont know bout financial accounting!!HOw?keep asking the stupid question.but nothing goes in my mind.i dunno hw to start study it!sad case* BUT i dwn be the worst student of the class...3hours of the lecture seems lk 3months to pass..yelling...
ohya,today is also an election day for student council.after class..the result is what i be the president!sure ler,cause of my vote!later gonna go supper with him. as a reward for us he gonna treat.wee~
shoutout:sarah is sleeping lk a pig right now..xP

Monday, June 16, 2008

crap of me.

i dont think it will be a long post for here.i jz want to ham-tam everythings.well,i'm very pissed now.i try to sign in for my msn for many times but failed at last.i hav no idea what's goin wrong with the connection or the laptop..maybe it doesnt lk me!as wat peinee said..sigh* i just feel lk scream and shout!!i wanna get my laptop A.S.A.P!i m looking desperately for it.and so,i m here to blogging.recently my laziness is getting serious.i no more interested in my post is getting shorter and shorter.hahas.but dont worry i wont giv it up cause tat's the only way to express my feelings.
oh's 2am and yet i dint feel sleepy at all.i had used to it sleep at 3 or 4am.but i hav no idea what i done actually.just lazying around..i feel lonely sometimes.:(awww~
anyway,i wont let it bothering goes on! that's wat i keep telling myself.
let's talk bout today..i woke up at 10.40am.that's impossible for me to wake up that early..cause i slept at 4am last night.alright,is sarah-the person who giv me a call! gosh..i almost throw away the phone and i really regret to answer the call.she break my dream~~but cant blame her cause melissa have to come to my house and pass me the ticket and the lovely pillow of MISS SARAH! i think tat that's the only reason why she so concern bout it.right?xD but seriously sarah,you no need so worry bout parent will keep it for me.
and sure..i continue to sleep after that.lastly, i woke up at 1pm.;)
i ate the fried noodless cooked by mum as my brunch.and i start to online again..nowadays,online is the only way i pass my time.sad case*
but time pass fast,i gonna get prepared for my stuff.i'm goin back to penang at 3o'clock sharp by bus.i think i should not continue that how i sit the bus and so i just skip it off.
yeah..i arrived bout 5pm.took mc chicken once i arrived one stop.=) it always taste that good for me.we planned to watch movie at night since that's SUNDAY.but at last it ended up with nothing.just to save money and lazy walk to gurney.^^
so i just online at peinee's hostel which provided with wireless...till now.lifeless
p/s:currently my stomach is grumbling.that's the sign of gastric i gonna get something to eat.hahas.k la.gonna end my crap over here.Against,tomorrow i m goin for class with my panda eye.God bless.<3
good night everyone and happy father's day.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

happy birthday fatty

happy birthday to my dearest brother..

hey guys,finally wayne album is out.
haha,i just get the cd.nice ler nice ler.
so i m here to promote it.
per album just cost rm16.90.
what u all waiting for?
grab it!!!!

support lerr.**xD

Friday, June 13, 2008

why worry?

There are only two things in life to worry about:

Whether you are wellor whether you are sick.
If you are well,

then there is nothing to worry about.
But if you are sick,

there are only two things to worry about:
Whether you are going to get well

or whether you are going to die.

If you get well,

then there is nothing to worry about.
But if you die,

there are only two things to worry about:
Whether you are going to go to heavenor whether you are going to go to hell.
If you go to heaven,

then you have nothing to worry about.
But if you go to hell,

you'll be so busy shaking hands with all your friends,

that you won't have time to worry!
So, Why Worry?

Be Happy :))

Do not cry if the Sun sets at the end of the day, because the tears will not let you enjoy the beauty of the Stars.


This article wil be a bit rude.however i'm mad of her.i cant stand it anymore!!
i cant understand why she lk to copy ppl style.
all the pattern same as others.
wont it be too obvious?
copy d stil dare to show it out.really thick face.shame on u*
However,i think she is too admire us.that's why she lk to copy!
but girl,u have stop your stupid action..C-O-P-Y doesnt bring ur life better what..can u feel tired of copy ppl opinion at all! cheap* opps...
we can refer to others but nt copy..know know know???
if u viewing this..i think you will know what actually you done.
And friends,dont try it! that's what BITCH call..x)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

insane look

insane she is.

i'm sad...when i recalling back......
i still have to thanks you for making me stronger.....:)


camwhored during break time . wink*

面对.接受.放下 :)

new start.

holidays is ended up.
i'm back to my college.
no more working days..:(
have to start all over again because the stupid terrible and scary exam is coming..
i cant failed the exam!

Next,day before yesterday(sunday) we done a silly thing.
while chatting with sarah before fall asleep,i suddenly ask sarah for supper.
why not we go 7eleven?i suggest.and tat time is 1o'clock sharp.hahax
SHE agree!what to do both of us is i called peinee.which stay at 23floor.xD
tat's kinda fun...

After fullfill our stomach.we went home.xD

Another morning,really hate to wake up.damn tired!

but cant..i have to enter the class.that's the 1st day..

As sarah said..EVERYTHING IS START FROM THE 1ST both of us forced to go.

i promised not to sleep late again if i am having class.

that's torture!!! my eye will sweeling..eye bag getting energy to motive to do anythings.

after class,went for movie with babe sarah and her bro .watched Kungfu Panda.haha.nice cause the panda so cute!long time dint watch cartoon.recalling back,my mind just full of those horror or ghost movie.

let show the photo that my eye swelling and the terrilbe eye bag after days dint sleep scary!

turn to single eye slid eyelid

Sunday, June 8, 2008


yesterday watched PROM NIGHT with babe sarah and peinee.hahas.

is midnite session

nice scary..i almost jump up frm d seat!

before enter for movie we went to gurney drift and theme park again.

sigh..wasted alot of money.but wat to do.

we just entertain ourself.xD

today i curi tulang.gave a lame excuse for boss.

i'm not goin to work..i'm tired!! goin for shopping..:)))

to be continue...

All i want is for ONE GUY

to prove to me that they're


Friday, June 6, 2008

♡empty heart.

yesterday i slept at 6am.seriously i also dunno what i had done.just mo here mo there.but early in the morning woke up by mummy call d.although is 11something d but for me stil early la.kacau*today sam hui is it is also a holiday for me..but my my lazy body is stick on the bed.i just wake up and brush my teeth then started to serve net again.i started since i woke up and i think i wil keep online till sarah finish her work-5pm.i dint took my bath but i cooked maggi mee just now.cannot torture my stomach's pity.
luckily got sarah's laptop accom me.and i web cam-ing with brother.he told me he get the new phone d.sure happy right?gong xi gong xi..your dream come true.
but the connection is so laggy it doesnt allow me to continue..
Peinee and her frens is goin to gurney.
heard they gonna sing k?dunno..enjoy yourself.=)
just now i received a mms.from an unknown.really terkejut la.i wondering who's the stupid fello.
the face is so strange for me.impossible for me to know him and it doesn't look lk i saw him before.maybe he sent wrong?!'s scary. =X
after that i just feel to ignore it.but phone rang.
is peinee..she told me to keep the photo if anyone sending me mms.
Rupanya~~~she gonna get the key of the new house from that guy.hahas.
recently i'm lazy to entertain everyone.maybe cause of i m tired after working.
feel so bad..too selfish la me.
but i gonna ignore someone..u got a gf i dont hope misunderstand happened and you have to contact me's weird k?@.@
holidays is just left 2more days.after all,i have to start study again!
so tiring..boring... i dunno how should i cope all the subjects.
while chatting i heard a news.heart bleeds.broken*
i'm going to smile ,
like nothings wrong,
talk like everythings perfect,
act like it's all a dream,
and pretend it's not hurting me.

life goes on...:)


just now went for dinner with them again.went to wong kok.but the food there really not that nice.and that's expensive.cant understand y ans so support it.mayb wong kok at kl is much more difference.izit?no idea..
after that,we goin to play game d.wee~~damn nice la.
we getting so excited! but dunno y i m d loser of car racing,although i try my best d.sob*but the car really out of control.that's not my fault la man..
unbelievable..sarah always be d winner! even guys also cant hit her down..why?why?she's so proud of that.that's what i say why dont u try to drive car in real life?xD
and we played many game...*NICE*
the dancing one make me and sarah sweat alot.if anyone gonna keep fit.can try it out.:))
after all we have to go back d.
the end...

the clock is showing 3.15am d.
but i stil cant fall asleep yet.
watching drama - "yuan lai ai shang jie" while chatting with kaixi and friends.
k la,that's all.hope everyone have a sweet dream.:)

sometimes i really dont hope to see something dont hope to hear something.stay away from me and never appear again.thanks.god bless

Thursday, June 5, 2008


yesterday night go sing k with kaixi,clim and their frens.
i think something wrong with them...they book a room which vy big!
think VIP..although there is just few fello there.
however,quite an enjoyable night.sing sing sing!=)
and kaixi spent 423bucks for the room.what an insane!i think i wil never waste so much money just for sing k.hahas.
today i get my salary d.the 1st salary in my life time.wee~~
+*+*+happiness filling in the air.+*+*+
althought that's just a small amount cause i just work nearly 2weeks.
but finally i earn money my more anak manja.xD
tomorrow i m goin back to hometown.left sarah alone here.she gonna work.pity pity**
miss me when i'm gone.
just now when working i received a msg from weibin.he scolded me for dint eat.
hahas.think he saw my worry la.i m okay d.:) thanks for caring.

lastly..i gonna wish shin for the sweet nineteen.
good luck and all the best in everythings..
h a p p y b i r t h d a y shin :)

.................gonna having dinner with kaixi and clim again..CIAOS~


Wednesday, June 4, 2008


i dint took my breakfast before goin for work.empty stomach*
and i forget today is wednesday,sam hui is full of ppl.(because the cafe opposite dint open on wed)
GOSH..i nearly faint inside.The condition is so messy!loads of work waiting for me..
take order,serve the food and clean the table.rush rush rush.. lk war-ing.
i start busy from 12pm till 3pm.NONE STOP.
and today i take wrong order again!wee..sorry.cause i really exhausted. stomach is's weak.cant stand for empty.aiks.
so i ask permission from boss to go back early today.:)
before leaving,boss ask me to rest well today.caring huh?yea.cant doubt my boss is nice.xD
LOL..sarah is sick!the strong one is sick!!!hahaha..yeah.i sure laugh on u.cant u know that
?she just told us she's not that weak!
however,hope youGET WELL SOON.cause i scare terjangkit.xp
p/s:porridge from sam hui taste good.recommended.:)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

currently. xD

now is 9.10pm.haha.i'm sitting at living room alone.
waiting for pa po sarah come back.
gonna open the door for her.coz today i forget to bring key out again.
luckily got sarah!hehes.x)
so tired hav to done account for boss.torture! gonna see so many number flying here and there.cant imagine how i gonna continue?guys,i am taking diploma in ACCOUNTANCY! izit pandai? it! love it!!no more regret since i choose it.
currently webcam-ing with brother..=) home sick is getting serious.**
and chatting with ans..he is stil so funny! but game freak stil dint change.sigh..
continue my conversation qu le...
later having supper with javen+yu wei.
+u +u :)
k la.stop here.good night everyone.<33

Monday, June 2, 2008


things done today : <3

1.get up

2.go for work

3.took mc chicken as dinner + bath peinee and blogging


....That's life..awW~~ :((

i'm free again in midnight

well,is me again.
i dont think that i wil be blogging so soon.
i'm working and cant get back to hometown.
i spent my whole holidays for my job.without enjoying the holidays.and now i'm worry for my coursework.that's too many.Day by day,i'm avoid from many things.i'm too LAZY!
i wanted to shoutout!scream or cry..cause i'm too tired.mentally broke down.sighhh..
i miss my brother...dont know how was him?izit suffer for the camp?

....i think i gonna stop mind is blank.catch ya all next time.heartsS*

days of penang :)




i m nt goin to college alone.hahas.

John them is coming to fetch nice..

but really hate to attend is so bored..filling the form and loads of stuff to do.

i'm so sleepy over there..perhaps i dint sleep well recently.

omg..i m so emo! mood swings easily.


parent is coming to penang.

they bring me to eat after working.

before goin back they fetch me to prangin mall with housemate(diana and lilis)..

finally i found my high heels for my formal suit. and i bought something for SZS.xD

At night,i just slept for 4hours.sarah is overnite at peinee's house.Against..i cant sleep.

stomach aching when i gonna fall frust!


heading to college at 9.30am.

before that,went for breakfast with two

today is John birthday.but sadly,i wont attend for the party.

For sure,i have my own reason.:) sorry for that but HaPpY BiRthDaY :)

Aileng is coming she gonna overnight here.

Seriously..i dont think that she enjoy the trip.that's nothing special.:(

we just went to prangin and gurney.

we failed to go many place.Sigh*

At night we had our dinner at gurney drift.we ate lots of food.haha.

Ohya..we went for a ghost movie with clim and his frens."someone behind you" hohoho...

dont think that she is brave enuf..haha.she get scare of the movie.Bla.. x))

after reached home that's already 2something.

dint chat much and fall asleep.zZZ

then the night is OVER...<3**